Gym Class Heroes

I am here to introduce the one and only, Gym Class Heroes.  This band represents a hip hop/indie feel.  GCH come straight from Geneva, New York where lead singer Travis McCoy met drummer Matt McGinley in physical education class.  Soon after meeting they decided to use their meeting place as their band name.  They began in 1997 and originally played smaller venues but over time got bigger and they eventually played The Warped Tour in 2003-2004.  This well-known concert event gave GCH to show what they were really made of.  Their first album …For the Kids was released in 2001.  GCH took a break until 2005 to make their following album, The Papercut Chronicles and the more famous album As Cruel As School Children in 2006.  They have become mainstream in the past couple of years with their single “7 weeks” featuring The Academy Is’ William Beckett.  GCH is currently on the Vans Warped Tour once again and are working on their fourth album.

This band is INCREDIBLE live.  Travis is animated and has great energy throughout the concert.  I am also biased because when I saw them I was in love with all of their songs.  Check out their stuff yourselves and let me know what you think!


~ by pensa11 on April 16, 2008.

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